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About Us

SOS High School History

The Hermann Gmeiner High School is a government High School located within the SOS Children’s Village in Sidwvashini, Mbabane. The school is named after the founder of SOS Organization worldwide, Mr Hermann. It was initially established to cater for the educational needs of orphaned and vulnarable children. However, it now accomodates all children, regardless of socio-economic background. 

The primary function of the school is to provide the children with a sound, quality education which will enable them to enroll in the higher education institutions of the choice, for academic or vocational courses. This is of course what every parent would wish for their chlidren. The school is co-educational and offers courses leading to SGCSE. The school also offers courses leading to JC administered by the Eswatini Examinations Council.

Our Vision

To be the school of choice through Excellence

Our Mission

SOS Hermann Gmeiner High exists to provide a conducive teaching and learning environment where learners acquire quality education and become responsible citizens that are competent and productive.

Our Values

  • Professionalism
  • Hard Work
  • Exellence
  • Transparency
  • Compassion

Pastoral Programme

This is an innovative programme which focuses on the holistic development of students. It creates an environment where all students are actively responsible for their own conduct and development , and to ensure that they are emotionally literate, resilient and able to effectively deal with situations both in their personal and educational life.

School Excursions

Educational tours are essential in schools since they enlighten and broaden the scope of learners’s understaing of complex concepts learned in class. Trips expose learners to the outside the classroom environment and help them in understanding spatial differences in real life. Experiences gained during trips will enhance learners development at a later stage.

Sports & Culture

Sports forms an integral part of the programme of the school and falls under extra-curricular activities. Participation in sports will improve the general physical health and well-being of learners. The following activities are offered: Soccer, Netball, Volleyball, Basketball, Darts, Chess, Badminton, Drum majorettes and music.